Thursday, January 5, 2012

Amazon, shop away!

I was inspired by my friend Dorothy to put an Amazon search box on my blog. We actually buy a lot of things through Amazon, so I figure that they can send a little love my way!

If you ever need to order anything off of Amazon, do it through my site. It does not need to be anything related to my site, or kids, or adoption, or FASD or all of the fun stuff I blog about. It can be for dog food, books, mixers, etc. I will get a small percentage of whatever you order. After 3 months of unemployment, it might help us to catch up!

If you are one of Dorothy's readers though, of course do it through her blog!!! I don't want to steal potential moola away from her family! Thanks friends, shop away!!!

1 comment:

jodilee0123 said...

I might be able to put yours and Dorothy's kids through college by clicking your links. Amazon is my life link since it has been tough for us to get out to buy anything! I could easily become a little old lady that never leaves my house!