Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I am an abstract random kind of gal, but in many areas of my life I am organized- doesn't make sense, I know. I am almost always on time, and I am very organized with my schedule. Paperwork, I am up and down with. I am amazed at my friends with large families and how they keep track of the paperwork. This is the stack of paperwork that has accumulated Akila since Sept. 1st., and it is just for Akila.

Many people who have kids with special needs keep their info in a binder, I filled several binders many years ago and gave up on that route. Now I just organize it by type (school, medical, OT, crisis home, county, MA, etc.) and stick it in a folder. But I let it stack up before I do that, and I need to just do it as I go. Stacks of paper start to stress me out. Between Akila, the trainings I have been doing, my part-time dance job, the other 3 kids, the committees I am on at Children's Hospital, finances and a billion other things, the paperwork has over taken my dining room and I need to devote some time to organizing.

I will do that, someday.

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