Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I had a nice day yesterday, even running errands and going to dr. appt's was good. I then had a meeting that went until 8:00 with Julie. The deal was, after the meeting I would call Michael to see how Akila was doing, and come home if she was out of control. I called, he answered like this, "It is bad, really bad." and I could hear Akila screaming uncontrollably i the background. I said I was on my way home. Julie and I were still together so we decided she would come to my house to help put Akila to bed and that Dorothy would come over and we would hang at my house (not nearly as cool as the Kitty Kat Klub).

Akila called me right back and was screaming and crying in the phone. I put it on speaker so Julie could hear. She accused Michael of bending her fingers backwards, pulling her hair and a whole bunch of other stuff I couldn't understand. By the end of the call, I had her calmed down a little bit, but not much. When we got to the house, she was calm and playing with Imani. When I had gotten off the phone with her, Imani had gone up and asked if Akila would play dolls with her. An obvious ploy by Imani to try to help Dad settle down a volatile situation.

I knew that having Julie at the house would calm Akila down, but she was already calm. She played with Imani for awhile, Julie and I put her to bed, and it all worked out. However, Michael said she was the worst she has ever seen. She was attacking everyone, and totally out of control. He had to restrain her finally. He was quite shaken. If she continues the way she has the last 4 days or so, living at home is not going to work. And today, because of that realization, I have a heavy heart. Again.

It doesn't help that one of our PCA's has cancelled. I love my PCA's, all of them. But I don't know if they understand what it does to our entire family when they can't make it. I totally know that sometimes they legitimately have to cancel. But I know that sometimes they could make it work. The cancellation, hit me hard while I had a heavy heart already. Especially because I have to bring Hezekiah to a dr. appt at 2:45, so I won't be home after school. I tried several options, and finally, one of her teachers is willing to have her stay after school an extra 1/2 hour with her til I can get her. How amazing is that? I do love our school, they have been very supportive of all our goofiness. My only other option would have been to pick Akila up at 2ish early from school and bring her with to the appt. I did not like that option. At all.

The boys have Awana's (a church program) tonight. I was sitting and dreading the idea of sitting her all night with the girls while Akila throws fits and rages as she will want Imani to play with her, the entire night. So I texted my brother who has something I need to pick up and asked if he was around tonight. He said yes and that my neice is leaving to fly back to college tomorrow and they were ordering pizza and we were welcome to come. Wahoooo!!! Thank you Jesus. After a couple hours of emailing, texting and calling to get the afternoon and evening figured out, it all came together.

Now I have to find something for Akila to do on Saturday morning. A friend of mine's mom died and I am going to the funeral in Willmar. I would take Akila with but she has rehearsal for the dance Winter Show at 1:30 and she can't miss it. I don't think the morning will go well to just leave her home with the family, and I haven't been able to find a PCA yet. Anyone looking for some excitement on Saturday morning from 9-1:30? ;)

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