Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fast acting fever

I was giving a family testimony at Children's Hospital this morning for the New Employee Orientation which I get to do every couple of months.  After I finished, I had a couple of voicemails from the school nurse.  Akila had a 101.6 temp.  It felt like a punch in the gut.  Akila was horrible this morning, like many mornings.  She wasn't violent, but extremely rude.  I was so relieved when she got on the bus.

I finished speaking at 11:30 and was suppose to be at a noon meeting which I had to miss.  Even knowing that Akila is usually pleasant when she is sick, still didn't give me comfort.  That is just where I am lately with her.  I picked her up, she was very pleasant.  Got home, took her temp, no fever at all.

She watched TV for all of 15 minutes, and then started on a rampage.  I tried to get her to scrapbook or do something with me, but she was obsessed with me getting her something new, either from our basement (which I swear she thinks has buried treasures), or from the store.  I said not today.  She didn't like that very well.  The girl was obviously not sick!!!

At one point, she was looking for a plastic cow toy.  We have never had one, but she had it in her head that she needed one.  She wanted me to look in the basement.  I told her I didn't have one.  She flipped.  Just go look you @#@!.  So I looked.  Amazingly, there was no cow in the basement.  She did not like this.  I tried to get her to use a substitute.  We have a tiger, several dinosaurs and some other plastic/rubber animals which would have worked for what she had in her head.  But no go.

It was a long afternoon.  There was no fever.  I had cancelled our PCA when I was picking her up from school- usually she takes Akila to dance which is from 4:30-6:30.  Close to 4:00, I realized that Akila could easily go to dance and I actually talked her into it.  I did need to get some stuff done at the studio so it worked out well.  It was nice to have a 2 hour break after a long afternoon.

We got home, and about 30 minutes later, the thunder/lightening/rain started.  She went nuts.  Not being scared, just being hyperactive and nutty.  She flew around the house like a tornado, convinced we were going to have a tornado.  Going from TV to TV checking the weather.  It was great fun.

So, I am sending her to school tomorrow.  Unless she wakes up with a fever.  In which case I think I might have to research one of those daycares for sick kids and go quickly enroll her.  Might be the first time they get a 7th grader enrolled.  Or maybe I'll just drop her off at my sister-in-law's house.  They're on spring break.  ;)

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