Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stupid system

Well, nothing is obviously going to happen this week so I have Akila scheduled to go to respite this weekend.  I am very relieved.  And we have a PCA for this afternoon, and I am relieved about that also.

I emailed our social worker last night to see if he could light a fire under DHS's feet to get them to move any faster on the approval of Akila's placement.  He emailed back and called this morning.  He did hear that there has been a verbal approval and we are waiting for a signature.   So stupid.  Makes me want to scream.  Who needs to sign it and where do they live?  Cuz I could get that signature pretty fast.  These people at these levels (not my social worker), seem to have no idea what their dinging around does to an entire family unit.  I am trying to get on some DHS committees, we will see if that happens.

What I had forgotten about, is that when DHS does finally sign off, then it has to go to Wisconsin's DHS for approval, so we are looking at another week at least.  Sigh.  I got the great advise of calling the police again.  That is such a waste of time and tax dollar resources.

I am not sure how long the PCA will be able to keep Akila out tonight, but I plan on leaving with the kids to go to the health club when they are on their way home.  I do not want a repeat of the last several nights, especially last night.

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I'm so sorry Barb.