Friday, March 2, 2012

Social workers and realtors

Waiting.  Not something I am good at which I blogged about recently.  So not a patient person.  I connected with our placement worker yesterday who knew nothing too new yet.  He did tell me that the Willmar organization he is looking into is a bit hesitant about taking Akila on given her diagnosis and behaviors.

So, I did something that social workers probably really hate.  It is similar to something that realtors hate.  I always hated it when we were trying to sell a house, and the people looking at buying it had to go through our realtor with questions.  Likewise, when we were buying a house, I wanted to talk to the sellers.  They knew way more about the house than the realtor does.

I appreciate the role of the realtor, and the social worker, but sometimes it makes more sense to cut the middle man, or middle person, out of the equation.  I don't mean entirely of course, their roles are extremely important and I appreciate their wisdom, experience and skills.  But they don't know the details of the house, when it got a new roof, how the jacuzzi tub works, where the tricky spots are in the gutters that you need to clean out each fall, where the switch for the outdoor outlets is hidden, etc.  I would rather hear this info from the owner.

Likewise, if a facility is looking at taking on a new client, like my daughter, and they don't completely understand her, they should talk to the mom, to me.  So I called them yesterday.  Had a great conversation with a lady who is involved in intake situations.  Answered some of their questions, and then spent a good part of the afternoon scanning restraint reports from the crisis home and emailing them to her so they could have a better feel for Akila.

The person said they would take the info I sent along with the info from our excellent placement worker and figure it out.  I am so praying that this will be a good fit.

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