Saturday, March 24, 2012


I got word late yesterday that Minnesota DHS has formally approved the placement and that it was sent to Wisconsin's DHS, with a note basically saying, please hurry.

One more hurdle.  I dropped Akila off at respite yesterday after school and have several things to be thankful for.  Respite is one.  So thankful for some peace this weekend for all of us.  The DHS approval is another.  Not sure what would have happened to my psyche if it had not been approved.  An awesome support system is another one.

I have several people who within a two day period, helped me to figure out a solution to our potential PCA hour shortage.  I have enough to get me through next week, but if she is still home at the end of the week, spring break starts, and that will be challenging.  But between respite hours and some creative help, I think we can make it work, Lord willing.

But, I am praying that the DHS approval from WI moves quickly, and that we can make the change by the end of next week.  I so want my other 3 kids to be able to relax over spring break, and to be able to have friends over, and to be able to sleep in, and to be able to go on bike rides with me, and to be able to breathe. They so deserve a week of fun, peace and quiet.  Please join me in praying that Wisconsin DHS moves quickly.


Lynn said...

Father God, I pray you will hold this loving family close to you and prepare their hearts, mind and spirit for the upcoming week. This change will be met with grief and relief for each of them, bless this family as only you can. In the name of Jesus, Amen

KatieS said...

This whole thing must be so difficult for all of you! I am praying for your family and the approval from Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

May Isis and Osirus shine their benevolent faces upon you and intervene in your behalf in this most trying situation. This I pray most devoutly.

jodilee0123 said...

Sending prayers! AGAIN! Have a beautiful weekend!