Saturday, March 17, 2012

Imani is outstanding!

Imani is in 6th grade and in her 3rd year of playing clarinet.  At her school, they have a Solo and Ensemble Festival where they have 6th graders perform a solo in front of a judge and get feedback.  They get rated as fair, good, excellent or outstanding.  Imani got an outstanding, and it was fun to watch.  She and Michael put this video together as they are trying to learn how to use video editing stuff.  Check it out!  So proud.


Unknown said...

Beautiful, Imani! I love the way the judge worked with you afterward. He is awesome, too.

Kari said...

So cool! You should be proud of yourself, Imani!

Grandpa & Grandma Clark said...

idevWOW! We're suprised and very impressed with your accomplishments. You're a star in our eyes! The judge is right, you have a natural sense of rythym. Make the most of it,Sweetheart!