Monday, February 6, 2012

HORRID streak broken?

I mentioned that last Wednesday, Akila came home from school with the pukes. Initially, I assumed she had the stomach bug that many people have been getting. She threw up twice at school and came home and watched TV for the first time since she has returned home in early December. By 2:00, she was totally fine, eating like a horse and ready to be on the move. I did give her a Zofran tablet when I got her home from school.

Akila has Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) and use to take a medication to prevent the vomiting episodes. We took her off the medication over a year ago, and she has hardly had any issues with CVS since. I'm pretty sure that she had an episode last week, and not the stomach bug. It only lasted 6 hours, and she bounced back very quickly. As I said earlier, the nice thing was that it did mellow her out. And oddly enough, she has been fairly mellow since.

We have had 5 days in a row of no violence. That means Wednesday, the day she was sick, and Thursday. Thursday- she was close, and was being challenging when the therapist was over, but she did get her way that night so things didn't go too far south. Friday, we only had 1 hour after school before she went to respite and she was very pleasant. I picked her up from respite yesterday at 4:00 and we didn't get home until close to 6:00 as we went to Walmart to spend her token money. Yes, it takes her FOREVER to choose something.

Last night went pretty smoothly and I am so thankful. It is too soon to say if we are on an official "decent" streak with her, or if it is just a fluke. She is the kind of child that will have a few bad weeks followed by a good week (which would not be classified as good by the majority of people parenting typical children). What is hard, is that she had 34 HORRID days in a row. Not bad, but HORRID. And 34 days is a long time to live in HORRID- it is a record as a matter of fact. One that I pray we are out of, and I also pray that we do not break this particular record.

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