Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good timing

Today, I was scheduled to have a tiny surgery at 11:00 to have a cyst removed which I talked about here. It was in the surgeon's office, and they just use Lidocaine to numb it first and then remove it. Just after 9:30, I received a phone call from school that Akila had thrown up. I was really bummed out on the timing, as I didn't want to last minute cancel this appt. that I had to wait two months for.

I picked up Akila and brought her home. Michael came home from work, and I had the surgery. Akila was very mellow and quiet most of the day. Dorothy, Julie and I were talking awhile ago about how pleasant our kids with FASD are when they are sick. It is sad, but it is when I can enjoy Akila the most. I should have known she was sick when she didn't kick or hit me before school today- the first day in over a month that has happened.

Sometimes, I wish that there was a virus in a pill I could give her, the common cold pill or something. Sounds cruel, I know it. But the reason I want it is good- because I really love to be able to enjoy her. As icky as I have felt today, it was nice to be around her and I haven't felt like that in awhile. 33 days to be exact. Today was the first day in 33 days that she has not harmed anyone in our family. Praise the Lord. And what great timing, considering the minor pain I am which has me a little bit out of it.

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Jen said...

A few years ago our youngest son had Chicken pox. It was WONDERFUL.
Sounds terrible, but he was so calm, compliant, so loveable! I remember thinking the same thing, can we put this in a pill?
We are praying the LORD to open doors for your family and provide for Akila.