Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Unique family

This morning, Zeke knocked a lamp over in our pool room and it got all messed up. I saw it hiding in a strange place and asked what happened. Imani explained to me that Zeke knocked it over, and hid it so Akila wouldn't see it.

You know you are living in a unique family when you don't hide the broken lamp (it isn't even really broken, not that I would care) from your mom, but from your sister. Akila is constantly looking for things to nag on the kids for. There is a spot on the floor in our kitchen, probably some juice that any one of us might have spilled. It of course has been there for several days as I don't clean much. When she saw it, she launched into an investigation of who did it.

I always tell her that I did something when she is trying to find a culprit. Then she can go off on me instead of one of the kids. One of them finished the box of Crunchberries last week, and Akila raged over it and was going to attack whatever kid did it. I told her I ate the last bowl, so she attacked me. I'll take one for the family. Or a few hundred.

The other evening, she was upstairs playing dolls withe her PCA. I was in my bedroom folding clothes. The other kids were downstairs and did something that made a loud noise. She came into my room, opened the door and asked what that noise was. I honestly had barely noticed the noise, but right away just told her that I plopped the full laundry basket on the ground. Oh, she said and returned to play. The brilliant PCA then had Akila turn on the radio for a little background noise. If I had said I didn't hear or notice the noise, she would have gone downstairs and launched an investigation and yelled at the kids for making the noise, even if it was appropriate.

Sometimes I will put something off on Michael also, just to spread the love. Only when he is at work and she isn't going to go and pound on him. She will just say a few unpleasant things about him, and hopefully move on. I have tried the "it is not your problem" approach and the "mind your own business" approach (in a soft way), but neither of these work. She just wants to go off on the kids for anything, and 90% of the time, what she is going off on them about is not anything wrong that they are doing. And then when they are doing something wrong and she goes after them, it makes it harder for me to be able to discipline them, after they just got smacked or something like that.

So, yes, we are a unique family. My kids fear the wrath of their sister more than their parents.


DynamicDuo said...

ouch.. reading your post brought back memories of childhood to me, I still avoid triggering certain siblings, the extra work it takes to avoid a scene, I take one for the team alot, simply because its easier.

V said...

Glad to hear that i am not the only person who has the tendency to leave the juice on the floor!!