Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lunar effect???

I was reading about the lunar effect and if it messes with kids behaviors- that is how desperate I am to figure out what is up with Akila's behavior. I have written dozens of times over the last many years how she has cyclical behavior patterns. She will have two bad weeks, followed by one or maybe two good weeks. She will have three bad weeks, followed by four good days. She will have two HORRID weeks, followed by 1 bad week, followed by two good weeks. I have charted her behaviors, looked at factors that might effect her behaviors, foods, hormones, things at school, transitions, etc. She makes no sense. It is maddening.

For her, it doesn't phase here when her para or teacher are gone for a day. Or if they mess with the schedule at school due to testing or something else. You would think it would, it does for the majority of kids with organic brain damage (whether from prenatal alcohol exposure, trauma and neglect, attachment issues or what have you). She does actually really well with transitions, especially at school.

Can't remember if I have written this before, but she is having one of her best school years exactly due to all the transitions in her day. Most kids with FASD really struggle when they hit middle school and have to switch to a different teacher and class every hour or so. Not Akila, this is the perfect set up for her. Why? Because she does not get super comfortable with one teacher and one group of kids. Typically each year, November is when she starts to struggle more and has a hard time, after she has the teacher figured out and she settles into her schedule. Well now, she is changing every hour, and her behavior has not been as rough as in the past. Although at home it is the worst ever. Sigh.

But I can't figure out the reasons for her good days and bad days, or I mean good weeks and bad weeks. She snapped on Dec. 29th, after nearly two decent weeks before that. Again, I like to remind you, that her decent/good days or weeks, would horrify the majority of parents in our world. They are not easy days or weeks, but they are tolerable. She had 35 EXTREMELY HORRID days in a row. Never before have we had that many HORRID days in a row, they were so bad they are now classified as EXTREMELY HORRID. We have been very close to that with bad days, but not HORRID, or EXTREMELY HORRID.

Then she got sick on Wednesday, Feb. 1st, and has been tolerable for the most part since. Some ask if it is due to her hormones. I don't think so. She has been like this since way before pre-puberty or puberty time. It is not food related, have tried that. I thought about the lunar effect, but her behavior has been good during this full moon, maybe that is it, she is better behaved on full moon days.

All I know, is that I am thankful that last week, there were only two days that she hit and kicked and pinched and punched and bit me. Unfortunately, this morning the decent streak of one week seems to be over. But I am thankful for the brief reprieve.

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DynamicDuo said...

Our girls did better as well with the transition to middle school and the switching classes. They couldn't get comfortable enough to take over. We had problems still when they worked in small groups or in their speech/language pull-outs because it was typically just the two of them. Substitute teachers could cause problems, but it really just depended on the day, not consistent. Our girls are by nature curious, so if you can find something puzzling for them, they will stick to it like blood hounds, the teachers used this alot to keep them going.