Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The world according to Akila

I often forget how narcissistic Akila is. I have no idea how I forget that, but when you live with someone, you just get use to these things. Whenever we are around my friend Julie, her narcissism shines through and I am reminded of the "world according to Akila".

When we visited Julie's son Elijah in the hospital last summer/fall when he was having his bone marrow transplant, it was all about Akila instead of Elijah. She made Elijah a card, and it had the name AKILA giant in the middle. Elijah is sitting in the hospital bed playing his Ipad and Akila is obsessed with playing it, not understanding that it is not about her.

We went to Julie's house this past weekend, and once again, it was all about Akila. I couldn't get her to play with Julie's little daughter, as Akila had a different plan. She made me a valentine card, which reads like this, "Dear mom, I love you, from my love to the world".

She went to the library yesterday with her PCA and got 11 books. She loves to get books at the library for the other kids, and this is very nice of her, and un-narcissistic. Last night she got a book for all of them which is on the state they were born in. Cool. Then, the entire night she was obsessed with her Georgia book and was reading the facts. She gets really excited at all the things, because they are all about her (in her mind). She was still awake at 10:30, because she was focused on the book.

When she wants other kids to play with her, it is her way or the highway. You have to play dolls, and that is it. Rarely will she let the other kids choose an activity, even if I talk with her about sharing, and letting the other kids choose the activity sometimes. She just isn't capable most of the time to do this. Which often results in a rage.

These are just a few examples of the world according to Akila. Hoping and praying she outgrows it someday.


Wendy said...

I know some people who never have outgrown it - and they don't have a reason for it like Akila does...

Then again, I think that sort of thing comes with maturity for 99% of us. The other 1% are either born with it, or never get it. I'll give a hint - I'm not in that 1%, either.

Miz Kizzle said...

Napoleon was like that. So are most people in the entertainment industry. So is my MIL, a retired college professor who, when I told her I needed dental work, boasted that HER teeth have never given her trouble.
I agree with Wendy: most of us become less self absorbed as we grow up (or else we get better at faking concern for others) but a minority of the population are narcissists to the bitter end.
What's scary is that some of them are sociopaths.