Monday, February 6, 2012

Thinking putty

Often kids with FASD have a hard time sitting still, and especially when at church or a sibling's band concert. Or even in a restaurant. Sometimes when we go to Don Pablos', they will give the kids each a ball of dough and some cookie cutters- I always loved this.

There is also something called Theraputty that you can get, or a different brand that my friend Dorothy clued me into last month. It is made by a company called Crazy Aaron. I actually love it also. We used it while at the Legal Aspects of FASD workshop in January. Yes, there were 3 or 4 adults that sat and played with putty during the presentation. It was hugely helpful to me as I have a hard time paying attention in seminars- can't imagine how hard it is for kids with attention issues.

Anyway, I have put a link on the right side towards the bottom for the Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty. Remember, any time you need anything off of Amazon, feel free to use the search box on my blog and I get a tiny kickback. Thanks to all of you who have used it!!!

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jackiehaney said...

I saw your blog link via Tara's fb page and have been reading your past month's posts. Your perspective is amazingly well-balanced. I have met your kids once, but now I feel I really have met them. I laughed when I read this post because our daughter, Erin, has always used silly putty to keep her attentive- especially in college. So I bought some Crazy Aaron!