Monday, February 13, 2012

Random pictures

We have had a mild winter in Minnesota, and I'm just fine with that. Yesterday, Akila took her dolls for a stroll outside and wanted me to take some pics of her. We missed church as Michael is sick, 3 kids have sore throats, and I woke up with a headache. Akila had a rough morning, but was able to pull through and played pretty well throughout the day. We had a PCA from 2-6 which was a new treat we have never had on a Sunday.

She also has been playing a ton with Barbie Dolls lately. For some goofy (and very annoying) reason, she wants to play with them in the hallway. This has caused many issues as if the kids want to get to their rooms for anything and knock anything over or step on something, they are in for it. I have been trying to tell the kids to find me and tell me what they need and I will go get it for them and deal with her wrath. The truth is, she has been playing quietly with them a lot the last several days, and I can deal with the mess and helping her clean it up each night.

These are some coupons (or cupons) I got from Imani for Christmas I forgot to share. I especially like the bottom one and am saving that one.

Hezekiah working on his Grand Prix car for Awana's.
Akila on the walk with her baby.

Notice the no snow. I think that the Lord is making up for last year when we got snow dumped on us daily and had huge issues with our roof. I am grateful for the lack of snow, even though my kids are missing it.

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